We were just over a year into this new life of bacon grease and alcohol consumption. We were 60 episodes deep and had consumed over 1000 bottles of alcohol. We had tons of crazy things we wanted to construct and show ideas that were so idiotically ingenious it made Tyler! seem like he had a PHD.

It was a typical day of filming in the EpicMealTime Headquarters and we had just put a carcass in the oven for the final cooking push. In the meanwhile, Harley was fashioning a new sawce, Muscles Glasses was doing push ups, Tyler was eating icing sugar, Team Cuisine was swigging booze and Cousin Dave was offloading footage.

During down time like this, there would typically be some sort of FPS video game on the x-box, or some recreational bacon being consumed, but not today. Today we were watching a Food Network marathon of Chopped, a competitive cooking show that puts professional chefs against each other using a box of secret ingredients and a time limit.

What would it be like if real chefs tried to be as dumb as us? Are culinary trained cooks able to stoop to our level? We loved the thought of crushing the pride of these people, and just like that the idea for Epic Chef was born.

- Josh “Mook” Elkin