The first filmed episode of EpicMealTime started with the Fast Food Pizza sometime around summer of 2010. At that point, the group consisted of Harley and Muscles Glasses. Truthfully, it wasn’t even a company yet, more of a brilliant idea that had yet to surface to the world. A month after this video was filmed, hibernating on Harley’s computer, he decided to edit the shit out of it, and post it on YouTube. Harley always commented that if the video received a certain amount of views he would produce another video.

The Fast Food Pizza debuted and got enough attention that Harley produced the second video, The Angry French Canadian. This sandwich was a testament to the French Canadian staples that we eat in Montreal; bacon, poutine,  $0.50 steamed hot dogs and maple syrup. This time Harley got some help cooking from Prince Atari. Prince Atari had little experience working in a kitchen from his time as a bus boy and a cook. Prince Atari put all those Montreal staples on a long baguette and French toasted the entire thing. Harley held on to the same theory as the Fast Food Pizza. If it got a certain amount of views, he would create and produce another episode.

The Angry French Canadian became a hit. This crazy sandwich got blogged on all sorts of websites, written up in some local newspapers and was shared amongst students and young adults all over our province of Quebec. Again, it was time to film another episode.

The next video on the lineup was a self-challenge to smash the shit out of a KFC sandwich that was labeled the Double Down. It was said by the crew at the time that they wanted to make a sandwich so insane, so greasy and delicious that no one would ever pay attention to the KFC creation again. The Death of the Double Down was born and death is exactly what transpired to the KFC sandwich.

Accompanied by Tyler!, who was making his debut on EpicMealTime, the team created a 2 foot layered sandwich, that when placed side by side with the Double Down, created an embarrassing food vision of Twins, the movie. The EpicMealTime monstrosity smothered the little KFC sandwich. To this day, we are convinced The Colonel stopped selling his puny sammy because of us.

Three videos deep, and somewhat of a crew was being formed, it was time for the 4th installment of EpicMealTime. This episode was my entrance as a Chef and the birth of Team Cuisine.

It was a cold Montreal morning in October and I was creeping girls on FaceBook and chatting with some friends at the same time. I saw that Harley was online and started reminiscing about the previous night of drunken debauchery we all had. The new episode of EpicMealTime had come out a few days earlier, and I was giving him my feedback, like a good friend does. Our conversation went on to me asking him where he was filming the next episode. Without hesitation he asked, “Your house?”

At that point in life, I was living in my recently bought condo. My life consisted of being suited up during the week, slaving my 9-5 job and cooking meals for girls I was trying to sleep with. When Harley asked if he could come to my house to film the next episode, there was never a doubt, I was all in!

The 4th episode was the Triple Meat Log. The crew came by and we brainstormed ideas about what we were going to film. Harley and his team knew they wanted to make an epic corn dog but they really didn’t know what the concept consisted of. Fancying myself somewhat of a foodie, and combining our powers of dumbness, we came up with the idea to wrap a hot dog with bacon and cheese and cover it in meat before deep-frying it in corn meal batter. That idea morphed into adding 3 hot dogs to the contents and also making a bacon grease mayo as a dipping sauce.

The Triple Meat Log was consumed by one of the hottest girls we’ve had on our show to date and the episode was an instant hit. My career as one of the chefs of EpicMealTime and one half of Team Cuisine was created and I haven’t looked back since.

-Josh “Mook” Elkin


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