I believe the most important contributor to the success of EpicMealTime is that we’re all actually friends and we’re all actually having a blast doing what we do. Here’s my story of how the whole squad came to be.

Myself and Muscles Glasses grew up together. We’re the same age and we’ve been neighbors since the fourth grade. My older brother, Lemme Kno (who you might remember as the creep with the beard and the red cup in some of our videos), had been friends with Mook and Cousin Dave since I was a kid. As a group, we loved hanging out in the backyard. Many the alcoholic beverage would be consumed during the summer months, just lounging and doing nothing in particular.

We all knew Harley in one way or another, since we were all around the same age and lived within 5 blocks of one another. Following the summer of 2009, when Muscles Glasses and I worked with Harley, we all started hanging out more often. As it turns out, Harley was all about getting intoxicated in backyards as well. Harley introduced us to his buddy Prince Atari, who instantly fit in as if we all knew him for years.

By the summer of 2010, everyone had their own lives, but we still loved hanging out. I was in school getting my degree in Journalism (which I’m actually in the process of still finishing) and working at a camp during my summer break, Muscles Glasses had just gotten back from a 6-month stay in China (we don’t ask questions about that time) and working as a personal trainer, Cousin Dave had recently quit selling mattresses to go back to school, my brother was managing a recording studio with Mook, who was also working full-time as a representative for a printer company or something (I’ve never really been sure), Harley was on summer break from working full-time as a high-school teacher, and Prince Atari was holding down two jobs at Blockbuster and a shipping facility.

We’d always do a lot of thinking and scheming while being deadbeats in the backyard. One day, Harley and Muscles Glasses were churning out an idea for a workout show. The idea was to have Muscles Glasses show you how to properly work out, with one “cheat day” per week. Normally, ideas like this would fizzle out or evolve into an elaborate joke. In this case, they decided to stop being lazy, grab a camera, and go film. Being fat assholes, they decided to start with the “cheat day”. So, as you already know, Harley and Muscles Glasses went out and filmed themselves ordering tons of fast food and throwing it on a pizza.

I was actually working at a camp about an hour and a half away the day they filmed that video. I can remember coming home and being shown the footage. I was blown away. This was genius. This was entertaining. This was amazing. Why didn’t they save me any leftover? Assholes.

Harley edited the footage together into a short video that I adored. I was so eager for him to release it to gauge people’s reactions. I constantly would nag him to put out the “Pizza Movie” (that’s what I was calling it before we named it). Harley, being the perfectionist that he is, kept it on his laptop for several months, constantly tweaking and changing things slightly. One day in October, he had the idea to add a Calorie Counter. That was the cherry on top. It was ready.

All we were missing was a name. I remember a group meeting being held in order to come up with a name for the channel. I was really pushing for “Fat Tuesdays”, which was a play off the popular festival Mardi Gras (the French translation). I remember Prince Atari being very adamant about his suggestion, which was “How To Make A Michigan” (we don’t understand what he was thinking either). The next day, when we all arrived at Harley’s house for regular backyard chilling, he informed us that he had decided on Epic Meal Time. The general consensus was; “Uhh… Yep!”.

So on October 17th, 2010, we uploaded “Worst Pizza Ever” on the Epic Meal Time channel. We were expecting to get a couple thousand views. To our surprise, in the first week it got 100,000 views. It vastly exceeded our expectations, so Harley made the call to do another one.

I remember getting the call inviting me to the filming of the Angry French Canadian. It was a Saturday and that night there was a big Halloween party. I was busy building a bedroom in my house’s unfinished basement, so I declined. I wanted to get the drywall up and make it to the party in time to get drunk and finger somebody, so going to cook a french toast sandwich with my friends didn’t really fit in the schedule. Much to our delight, The Angry French Canadian was another roaring success.

By the third episode, I was finally able to attend filming. We had been hearing all kinds of chatter about the awesomeness of KFC’s Double Down. We set out to destroy it. And destroy it we did. We stacked up a 2-foot sandwich featuring all kinds of different meats and covered in Mac N Cheese. I can still taste it to this day. It was utterly delicious. I managed to eat about 75% of that monster before saving the rest for leftovers.

I don’t really need to explain the rest of the story, since I imagine you’ve been watching it. The popularity of our videos kept growing and growing and our meals got crazier and crazier. Everything fell into place perfectly and we’ve been churning out genius creations once a week ever since. It has turned into a successful business, with everyone now working full-time on it. If I can leave you with a piece of advice; if you have a good idea (or an idea that you think is good, even if others don’t agree), then go do it. You never know what can happen.