EpicMealTime is from Canada. In Canada, we never refer to any pork product as “Canadian Bacon”. Our version of that salted cured meat is called “Back Bacon” as seen in our Chili Four Loko video. Canadian Bacon can also be referred to as an amazing John Candy movie from the mid 90’s, but John Candy is another blog post. Here’s a brief history lesson on where the term ”Canadian Bacon” comes from because you noobs obviously need some learning.

English settlers came to Upper Canada from the British Colonies in the mid to late 1800’s. Those settlers founded what we now know as Toronto. Amongst those settlers was one of the smartest men who walked the earth, William Davies, the forefather of packaged pork products. William decided that because of the excess of pig running around, it would be a great business venture to start slaughtering and curing these beautiful beasts into hams and bacons. Thank you.

This specific curing procedure settled in Canada by our pork fore father William Davies, who learned to use this preservation method from his ancestors in the UK. William Davies Pork Packing Company originated in Toronto Canada and was at one time, the largest pork packer in the British Empire.

My Theory is that Davies knew that back bacon was somewhat leaner than regular bacon and thus, during the war would serve this to the soldiers as a healthier and more substantial form of nutrition.

Back Bacon is made from the loin or back of the pork, while regular “bacon” is made from the pork belly. If you’ve tried every pork product available in super markets you know slab bacon tastes the best. The reason slab bacon is so much tastier than Back Bacon is because Back Bacon is leaner. Obviously everyone knows that more lean means less tasty, right?

With his family still living in England, he thought that not only would he sell this fine product in Canada, but also export it to his family back across the seas in England. That later trickled down south to America. This created a huge business for the Davies family.

Sending his meat to his brother, who was receiving this product to help sell back home in England, it seemed that he didn’t know how to refer to this style of cured flesh. William would send telegrams to his brother calling the meat “Pea Meal” or “Corn Meal” bacon because the way he created the curing process. However it seemed that his brother thought that it would be better described as Canadian bacon, hailing from their Canadian Cousins, but who really knows. Even though they knew how to cure these loins because this method was originated in the UK, he thought that it would be great marketing to use the “Canadian” branding to help sell.

To this day the name pea meal bacon, corn meal bacon and, the most common, back bacon stuck around Canada. However, throughout America and the UK people still refer to the loin of the pork as Canadian bacon but really have no clue where the name originated. Hopefully you will all read this and pass on the message to your families that the salted cured loin of the pork is called Canadian bacon because we in Canada know how to “cure”.

We are the witch doctors of the slaughter and our methods withstand the test of time.