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There are a few things Americans need to thank their fellow Canadians for: Steamy hockey players, Trivial Pursuit, the Wonderbra, World Peace and POUTINE.

As a native Canadian myself, I often find myself craving this dirty goodness and daydreaming of the good ol’ days when all it took was a walk down Queen Street (T.O) to find a food truck selling fries doused in gravy and cheese curds.  Thus, this compilation of the 38 Most Mind-Blowing Poutine Dishes is dedicated to all my fellow Canadian Foodbeasts. Oh, how I miss the motherland.



38. Bacon Poutine and we’re just getting started…


H/T The Graceful Glutton + Snapped at Smoke’s on Bloor, TO


37. Cheesy Lobster Poutine

H/T Cabral Richards + Snapped at Zee’s


36. Candy Poutine:  Deep Fried Kit Kat ‘Fries’ Slathered in Grenache Caramel & Topped with Marshmallows.

From the OG Canadian Beasts of Epic Meal Time


35. Cheeseburger Poutine with Pickles

H/T seango + Snapped at Bouchard’s


34. Shredded Jerk Chicken Poutine

H/T foodspottingdasvogelicious +  snapped at The Reef


33. Foie Gras Poutine Grilled Cheese Sandwich

H/T Di Bruno


32. Sweet Potato Poutine

H/T No Recipes

31. Pork, Fennel & Onion Poutine

H/T Duo Dishes


30. Sauced-Up Poutine Hotdog. You Dirty Birdy.

H/T Tubby Dog


29. Gnocchi Poutine with Short Rib Ragu and Gremolata.

H/T Closet Cooking


28. Drunken Guinness Gravy Poutine

H/T Food for My Family


27. Poutine Burger, Standard, Duh.

Canada, we love you.


26. The ‘Angry Poutine’ from Burger King. Poutine, you’re so cute when you get mad.

Peep at Foodbeast.


25. Poutine Pizza. The Best of Both Worlds.

Peep at Foodbeast.


24. Deep Fried Poutine Bites. French fries, cheese curds & gravy all in one sinful bite.

Peep at Foodbeast.


23. The NOTORIOUS P.I.G. POUTINE. Cuz if you don’t know, now you know.

Peep at Foodbeast


22. Cheesy Avocado Bacon Poutine


H/T What’s Gaby Cooking


21. Waffle Fries Poutine

 H/T z-z-z-zzz


20. Corndog Poutine

H/T Food Gal + Snapped at Poutineville




H/T I Really Like Food


18. Tater Tots Poutine. Like the ones in Kindergarten but BETTER.


H/T Endless Simmer


17. Blasphemy! Broccoli Poutine


H/T Char’s Kitchen


16. STACKED Poutine Burger with Fried Egg. Not So Standard.

Bacon, Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Fried Egg, Stack of Poutine on a Burger.

H/T Sports Grid


15. Jalapeno Bacon Beer Fries Poutine


H/T Iron Stef


14. Kimchi Poutine. Girl, Don’t Tempt Me.


H/T How to Open a Restaurant in 30 Days


13. Curried Lentil Poutine


H/T More Than Just Waffles


12. Norwegian Poutine. Absolutely Scandalous.


H/T foodspotting + Snapped at Café Ellefsen


11. Iced Poutine. Yes, this is Real Life.


H/T where + Snapped at Koko Ma Boule 


10. ‘Spicy, Cripsy, Garlicky’ Chorizo and Queso Fresco Poutine


H/T Foodie with Family


9. Thanksgiving Poutine. For the ‘Guts N’ Glory.’



Snapped at Square Peg


8. Guilt-Free Poutine. False.


H/T Gourmet Fury


7. Poutine Potato Skins. Like an Appetizer, but Better.


H/T From Away


6. ‘Poutine’ Cake. (Ok, we cheated)


H/T Ronna’s


5. Beef Cheek Poutine.


H/T Abbey’s Kitchen + Snapped at Farmhouse Tavern


4. That Mushroom Gravy Tho.


H/T The Flirty Foodie

3. Poutine for Breakfast.


H/T Simple, Clean, & Homemade + Snapped at Park Bruges


2. T-Rex Poutine. This is One for the Ages.


H/T The Sun + Spotted at La Banquise


1. Back to the Beginning: Classic Poutine


H/T Saveur

And this…






We realize we may have missed a few key dishes, so feel free to add to the list in the comments below!


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