We spend allot of time researching and developing our EpicMealTime episodes. Some might think that we meet up, get wasted and throw bacon and booze together every Tuesday, and they would be right.

When we’re not in the kitchen we’re either editing the newest video, making business calls, writing content, or researching cool cooking techniques and tools to apply to our videos. We always stumble upon really interesting and different kitchen gadgets that we wish we invented.

Check out some of these kitchen gadgets that we’ve stumbled upon. We think they’re smart enough to warrant writing about them.


Cast Iron Bacon Press


If you’re cooking your bacon over the stove you probably notice that the strips rarely stay flat. As the grease and water extracts from the strip, it shrinks and starts to shrivel up like a dried out grape. Here’s a cool tool to help you keep the bacon flat on the skillet or frying pan without worrying about grease splatter or third degree burns.


Condiment Gun


You’re sitting a long table and someone asks for the BBQ sauce. Instead of being a commoner and passing down the bottle, wouldn’t it be cool to shoot their ribs with the sauce from the other end? Have you ever tried to put ketchup in a super soaker? Has the thought of spraying your food with a water pistol crossed your mind over and over again? Check out this really cool and highly efficient Condiment Gun. Apparently, this cool tool comes with extra magazine clips for those times that “just ketchup” isn’t enough. Ps, this gun also works with liquor.


Self-Swirling Spaghetti Fork

If you’re hand is swollen from extra curricular activities and you’re really not feeling to twirl your cutlery, this new Self-Swirling Spaghetti Fork is the gadget for you. Try and get as much pasta onto the fork as possible and not get tired doing it. Also, if you’re constantly using a spoon to make a ball of pasta manageable for your mouth, this fork will create a portion big enough, unless you have an over sized mouth cavity, in which case shoveling it in with your fist works best.


Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks


We love sushi. Some of us eat it straight up, others with soy sauce. One of my personal favorite condiments when eating sushi is half soy, half wasabi. Here’s a really cool gadget that will let you dispense just enough of each, every bite.  Not only does this next level gadget work for Japanese cuisine, you can put BBQ Sauce, Ketchup or whatever other condiment you love into it. Distribute as much as you like on nuggets, dumplings, or even bacon strips (eating bacon with maple syrup will change your world).