Sure there are plenty of ways to represent  your favorite food, t-shirts, bumper stickers even cell phone cases but nothing tops like smelling like them. That’s right some sickos  had the great idea of making food scented perfumes to make people smell like a fresh cooked meal.

Pizza Hut’s perfume is gonna give you that fresh out of the oven pepperoni and cheese smell you always wanted. Now you don’t have to be pizza delivery guy to get the ladies just spritz on a slice of the Hut’s finest.

Burger King’s got you covered with its flame perfume. Now you can smell like a freshly cooked charbroiled whopper without being cooked alive… embrace the essence of the king.

Axe is gonna have you smelling like a box of chocolate in no time with its dark temptation body wash and spray. You’ll  attract hordes of women who will want to eat you alive.

Need a little spice in your life? Try Zoils Oils’ tamale perfume. Capture the scent of meat packed corn husks without stuffing your pants with them to attract that latina flame you desire.

For the sophisticated foodie who needs to set themselves apart, walk the town with Demeter’s sushi perfume. This scent is gonna roll you up smelling like fresh seaweed and steamed rice, so if you see a crowd chasing you with chopsticks, you know what’s up.

Save the time of rubbing yourself down with chicken wings. Just throw on a set of these scented wood beads from China. You’ll be finger licking good in no time.