Shots at the bar are what gets me into Predator mode (the movie, not the sex offender). With so many drink selections and creative names it’s amazing how many of them are made famous by narcotics. You could pretty much go to any bar, order an eight ball of liquid cocaine and, pow, you’re Tony Montana… and trust me, no one’s f%#$k*ing with you. So here’s a little schooling from me to you on how to be the next Pablo Escobar without serving time.

For beginners, hit the slopes with some liquid cocaine, it’s never cut and always pure. This mix of Jagermeister, Goldschlager and Peppermint Schnapps is guaranteed to get you in the zone.

Rolling in the club? Try popping some liquid ecstasy to get your feel on. Not made in a lab, mixed with Bacardi Limon, Midori, Blue Liquor, cut with some pineapple, lemon juice and you’ll turn your night into a raver’s trance.

Feel like blazing in the club? Roll up a shot of Bob Marley by pouring in Grenadine, Crème de Menthe, and Bacardi 151 topped with a drop of Banana Liquor. Not only does it look like the Jamaican flag, but you’re ready to spark it up literally; light the shot and take a puff, and you be high man.

Dropping acid has never been so easy. Mix up Sambuca, Banana Liqueur, a splash of lemon and sprinkle some sugar, then get ready to experience fear and loathing in the bar, because you’re in bat country now.