Mc Donalds Japan – The Gracoro Burger

This bread encrusted patty of macaroni and shrimp mixed with white sauce served in a bun is one reason to Fedex a dozen to yourself. This burger is akin to the fish filet, with a deep fried crust instead of fish you get a gooey explosion of creamy shrimp. Think clam chowder in a bun.

Burger King Japan – all you can eat buffet

This is not a joke… in honor of Burger King’s 5th year anniversary they will unleash the gates of hell by allowing patrons to feast on unlimited fries, onion rings and whoppers. But don’t book your ticket to Japan yet, there are rules to this buffet. You only have half an hour to consume all the food you want then they cut you off… cold turkey.

KFC New Zealand – The Tower burger

Leave it to our friends of middle earth to create the burger the double down could never be. Taking a crispy chicken breast and pairing it with a hash brown, add a slice of cheese to top it, with a ketchup mustard sauce and put it in a BUN!!!

Pizza Hut Australia

The outback offers some crazy signature pizzas that places it on the map for those wanting to go on a walkabout for their taste buds ranging from tandoori chicken pizza, surf and turf and the garlic prawn pizza. Take a gander at the rest of the selection, sure to make you a real pathfinder.