Most of us on EpicMealTime grew up watching wrestling. Although we vary slightly in age and our level of obsession with the “sport”, we can all hold our own in any wrestling discussion. Even though none of us currently keep up, it’s only right that we pair ourselves off with our superstar wrestling counterparts.

Muscles Glasses is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Both men are known for their sheer badassery and for freely whipping out a middle fingers without hesitation. Aside from the finger fame, both these abrasive men are known for blowing through alcoholic drinks in the most barbaric fashion. At the end of the day, neither of these awesome dudes ever gave a single fuck.

Mook is The Rock. First of all, the one thing that can’t go over-looked is their eyebrows. It’s like a calling card for both individuals. Although their technique varies slightly, the Mook brow and the People’s eyebrow are both distinct and recognizable. Furthermore, The Rock’s catch phrase was “If you smell what The Rock is cooking!”. On EpicMealTim, we smell what Mook is cooking on a regular basis, and it usually smells delicious.

Dave is Triple H. Triple H started his wrestling career as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, the fanciest man to ever grace the wrestling ring. Dave is known far and wide as the fanciest bastard on EpicMealTime, habitually choosing a knife and fork over the regular animalistic tactics. Also, Triple H is known as ‘The Cerebral Assassin” for his ability to flex his brain, not only his braun, making him one of the most versatile competitors in recent memory. Dave can film an episode, record the audio, set up the lighting, eat the meal, and edit the whole thing.

Tyler is Mick Foley. Mick wasn’t always the best tactical wrestler and he was far from in the best of shape, but he relied on a willingness to sacrifice his body to succeed. Tyler has followed in Mick’s footsteps, by throwing any regard for his body and wellness to the wayside and eating and drinking as much as humanly possible. Also, both men enjoy nothing more than getting a cheap laugh. Whether it’s wrestling or cooking, both men try their best to add some humor.

Prince Atari is The Ultimate Warrior. The Warrior spent his wrestling career as somewhats of a mystery. Nobody could really figure him out, the only thing they knew was that he was incredibly powerful. Well, Ameer is like that for EpicMealTime fans. Nobody has truly figured him out or ‘gotten’ him, as he remains an enigmatic mystery man. Furthermore, both men are known for their never-ending abundance of energy. The Ultimate Warrior used to sprint to the ring and shake the ropes ferociously. Ameer is constantly moving and doing something and pouring another RedBull.

Harley is Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster marched through the 80′s and 90′s as the biggest name in sports entertainment. He had legions and legions of fans loyally cheering him on. He is essentially the face of professional wrestling. Harley is the face of EpicMealTime. He’s there every episode, urging our fans to get drunk and eat greasy foods the same way Hogan would urge his fans to say their prayers and take their vitamins.