In honour of the immortal McGangBang (a McChicken Sandwich inside a Double Cheeseburger), I’ve compiled a whole new list of made-up creations from across the fast food landscape. The only criteria is that they have to take only minutes to assemble. Feel free to enjoy the words on this page, the imagery in your head, and hopefully the creations that you go out and try. You might even see a couple of these on Epic Meal Time one day.

-Bacon Glazed Chick: McDonald’s jr. chicken slapped inside of a Wendy’s baconator, all squeezed between 2 Dunkin’ Donuts (or Tim Hortons) glazed donuts.

-Fast Food Nachos: McDonald’s chicken nuggets tossed with Five Guys fries, covered in Wendy’s chilli.

-CinnaCone: Get your fat ass off the couch and go be fatter by picking up a cinnabon. Dig your fist into the center of it to make a cone and fill that son of a bitch with a Wendy’s frosty. Eat the whole thing while looking in the mirror because you’re a boss!

-The MVP:  Big Mac on top of a Whopper on top of a Big Bacon Classic; fisted down to a size suitable for this grease master to fit in between your palms. Have a troth of ketchup on the side to roll your new burger in before every bite.

-Real Loaded Potato: Wendy’s loaded potato, stuffed with a McDonald’s hashbrown, Sonic chilli cheese tots, Arby’s curly fries. Top the whole thing with gravy.

-Big Ass Breakfast Tower: McDonald’s bacon egg mcmuffin, on top of a sausage egg mcmuffin, on top of a ham egg mcmuffin. Whole thing placed in between 2 McDonald’s pancakes and doused in maple syrup.

-Doggy Style: Throw a Five Guys hot dog through the wholes of numerous A&W onion rings. Wrap a Taco Bell crunch wrap supreme around your new hot dog creation. You have the versatility to eat this like a hot dog, a taco, a burger, a pizza, or any other creative way your sick brain thinks up.

-The Holy Fuck!: Meat lovers pizza slice from any chain, topped with your choice of poutine or chilli cheese fries (depending on availability of food in your city). Slap on another slice of meat lovers and another layer of your gravy fries or chilli fries. Top with a final slice of meat lovers and you’ve got yourself the tastiest and most fucked up club sandwich in the world.