Do you find yourself craving pizza topped with deep-fried chicken nuggets and fries? Does a six-patty burger buried under a mound of bacon have your mouth watering? How about a 5,800-calorie corn dog?

Harley Morenstein (a.k.a. The Sauce Boss), created EpicMealTime for the ex­treme chef in all of us. His kitchen crew (none of whom, amazingly enough, have had any culinary education or previous cooking experience), brings his artery-clogging visions to life—and now you can, too, using ingredients as diverse as waffles, chicken hearts, cake mix, tortilla chips, maple syrup, fast food menu items, bacon grease, Irish crème whiskey, cheese sticks, breakfast sausage, pounds and pounds of bacon . . . and much more! – See more at: Read More »

Check out The Sauce Boss with The Simon Cowell of Salisbury Steak, Simon Cowell! The two sit down and discuss topics such as nicknames, fatty foods, Simon’s new channel ‘YouGenerationTV’, and the stupidity of carrots. You should watch and learn, because these are two people whose opinions matter! Read More »