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There are so many reasons why Teenage Mutant Turtles were the best cartoon growing up. They were a huge inspiration to all of us, and revisiting some of their early episodes, they also seem to be a huge influence on Epic Meal Time. They had cool weapons, awesome names and lived in the sewer. Their […] Read More »

Flacco Taco – Epic Meal Time

LIKE/FAVORITE this video!!! EpicMealTime is celebrating the glory of the Superbowl by creating the ultimate game day snack! Feast your eyes and empty stomachs upon the 60lb Flacco Taco… NEW episode of Epic Chef on Friday! Read More »

Top 5 Simple yet satisfying ways to use sriracha


Ever think about how bland your life is? How many times do you eat the same old spaghetti and meatballs or old batch of French fries and think “I need to try something new”? Sriracha sauce makes everything better, including your life. Check out these fast and easy ways to “spice” up your existence by […] Read More »

F*$% Cilantro – An opinion by Tyler Lemco

Cilantro can fuck right off. It ruins everything. It makes no sense that there are people out there in the world who actually choose to put it on their food. It’s disgusting and ruins any meal it comes in contact with. A comedian by the name of Gary Gulman once did a bit about Grapefruit. […] Read More »

Epic Chef – The BBQ Challenge

LIKE/FAVORITE this video!!! Epic Chef Episode 6: The BBQ Challenge. This week we’re on a roof for the BBQ challenge!! Do these contestants have what it takes to be Epic Chefs? NEW EpicMealTime on Tuesdays, and NEW Epic Chef on Fridays Executive Producers: Harley Morenstein Darren Morenstein Dan Weinstein Gary Binkow Producers: Raul Celaya Rob […] Read More »

Raw Meat Is Raw Art


Some people walk down the street, window shopping, pointing out clothes, gadgets and other cool things they want to buy. Other people fancy themselves connoisseurs of the automotive industry, visiting car dealerships and test-driving the newest motorized sensation hoping to buy it one day. Art lovers can walk through a museum and spend hours trying […] Read More »

Best Comments: Epic Chef – Italian Challenge

In preparation for the release of Epic Chef at midnight tonight, here are some of our favorite comments from last week’s episode. If you missed Epic Chef this week, check out the Italian Challenge! Read More »

Throwback Thursday – The Black Legend

EpicMealTime Throwback Thursday, where we get to revisit simpler times. Journey with us and get a look behind the bacon. Read More »

Chocolate Things


Check out these incredibly realistic things made from chocolate! Read More »

To Napkin Or To Not


Picture this. There’s a mountain of white tissue like paper towels sitting next to your half eaten rack of sauced up ribs.  The paper towel is stained and somewhat discoloured from the sauce and seasoning that you’ve tried to get off your face and finger every bite. The delicious flavor juice of the rib is […] Read More »

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