Throwback Thursday – Meatball Death Star

Join us on a journey through time where we take a look at some of the little known facts behind EpicMealTime. Don’t forget to watch the new episode of Epic Chef on Friday! Read More »

Ketchup Pre-Cum


Fuck ketchup pre-cum. All anyone wants is that thick sugar-tomato goodness and instead often-times they get stuck with a plate full of swampy ketchup ass sweat. Why haven’t the ketchup scientists figured this shit out yet? It’s really a lose-lose situation. Your first option is to stand the ketchup bottle as intended, then open it, […] Read More »


Milk F*ck

This is bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit. Why me? Why today? Does this ever happen to any of you? All you want is some delicious chocolate milk but the geniuses who crafted the container just want to watch the world burn. In my 24 years on this earth, I don’t think I have ever opened […] Read More »

Jalapeños: The only green edible allowed on EpicMealTime

Jally Face

From the incredible hulk alcoholic beverage to green pancakes, there are many green things we consume on the set of an EpicMealTime episode. Some of us like the Hulk drink more than others, and most of all of us like green pancakes. However, if there’s one thing we all love its Jalapeno peppers. The heat, […] Read More »

POLL: Next Ingredient

survey services Read More »

Triple Pancake Fat Stack

LIKE/FAVORITE this video!!! EpicMealTime is waking up from a 3-day coma that is a result of a brutal night of debauchery. The only answer? A greasy sweet and salty meal that will cure a brutal hangover. Oh, and a whole bunch of drinks. Don’t forget to watch the new episode of Epic Chef on Friday! […] Read More »



Ever heard of a “Pickleback”? Until recently, neither had I. I was in New York and a few of the locals were bragging and boasting about this awesome drink we (myself, Harley and Muscles Glasses) just HAD to try! They brought us to a fancy bar that used to be a library where all the […] Read More »

The McRib – By Prince Atari

How desperate can one man be for the legendary and almost sacred Mc Rib; a burger so rare it has its own following cult? This Mc Donald’s menu item is like the unicorn of the fast food bible. We may never see the day when this burger is added as a permanent menu item, and […] Read More »

DEBATE: PB&J – Round 1


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich; the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be (within the confines of non-meat sandwiches, of course). It’s so simple yet so genius. Only three ingredients needed to create this masterpiece; peanut butter, jelly or jam, and bread. While all three are necessary for […] Read More »

Are Donuts The Perfect Food?


Today, out of the blue, it struck me that donuts come pretty close to being the perfect food. Here’s why… -Handheld, easy to eat. -Simple components: fried dough, covered in glazed sugar. -The glazed sugar also acts as a glue for any additional toppings. -Unlimited possibilities for toppings; chocolate, sprinkles, bacon bits,  marshmallows, cinnamon, candy, etc. -Possibility […] Read More »

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